Re-Election of the President of the TAJMMAF Federation: A New Stage in the Development of Mixed Martial Arts of Tajikistan.

On March 20, re-elections of the President  of the Mixed Martial Arts Federation "TAJMMAF" took place in @dorobholding. Davron Juraev, the current President, was re-elected to his post for a period of 5 years. This decision reaffirmed the trust that the Federation team had placed in him, and also emphasized his desire to continue his mission in the development and improvement of this sport not only in our country, but also abroad.


During his tenure, Davron Juraev has demonstrated undeniable determination and ambition in his work on the development of mixed martial arts. His strategic vision and experience in this area have successfully continued the Federation's path to excellence.


We remind you that the TAJMMAF Federation is one of the youngest and fastest growing in the world. Over the past 3 years of activity, it has twice been recognized as the Best Federation of 2022-2023. Our athletes climbed to the first place in the medal table of the World Championship among athletes over 18 years of age. Most of the Federation’s students have become professionals and proudly raise the Tajik flag in international arenas.

We are confident that under the leadership of Davron Juraev, the TAJMMAF Federation will continue its achievements and bring new victories, strengthening Tajikistan’s position in world sports.