Best in the world: Tajikistan MMA Federation (TAJMMAF) has won a number of international awards

The World Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Championship for athletes over 18 years of age is currently taking place in Belgrade, Serbia.


As part of the event, the IMMAF AWARDS 2022 award ceremony took place, at which the Federation of Non-Professional Mixed Martial Arts of Tajikistan won a number of awards.


According to the president of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), Kerrith Brown, this sport is being tried to be included in the program of the 2028 Olympic Games, which will be held in Los Angeles, as a demonstration sport. In this regard, the development of MMA in Tajikistan becomes even more important.


The best representatives of more than 63 national federations gathered at the annual IMMAF AWARDS 2022 ceremony, held in Serbia as part of the World Championships.


Among the nominations there are such nominations as the best athlete and the best athlete among adults and teenagers, discovery of the year, performance of the year, etc. Undoubtedly, the main award is “Best National Federation of the Year”, which was presented this year by the Tajikistan MMA Federation (TAJMMAF).


TAJMMAF also received the awards “Best Catman” (a specialist who prepares an athlete for a fight), “Best Federation for Promoting Anti-Doping Programs” and “Best Knockout”.


We remind you that today the young Tajik fighter Mania Samadova became the world champion at the World Non-Professional Mixed Martial Arts Championship in Serbia, defeating her opponent from Azerbaijan. Mania is the first Tajik girl to become a world champion in this sport.